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    Experts in dismantling and removing metal structures

You want to have your lift removed? Your heating installation dismantled?

Tinck Jan has a long-standing tradition of demolition work, specialising in dismantling and removing metal structures.

Tinck Jan in action

Disassembling a heating boiler, removing a ventilation system, dismantling a lift, clean-up of a heating oil tank, dismantling a high-voltage cabin... It is better to leave this tricky work to a specialist. Tinck Jan distinguishes itself by dismantling all types of metal structures safely and in an environmentally responsible manner for the right price.

What can we dismantle for you? All metal structures!

HVAC systems

Has your air conditioning broken down? Does your ventilation system no longer meet the requirements of a standard? Then Tinck Jan will come and dismantle the old system for you.


Lifts and escalators

In apartments, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres. Lifts and escalators are located where many people pass by. Tinck Jan is your best option.


Heating oil tanks

Suppose that you no longer use your heating oil tank, for example, as a result of switching to gas. Then you may not allow these tanks to stand empty, and as a private individual, you are also obliged to deploy a clean-up expert.


High voltage cabins

A reliable electricity cabin is indispensable in order to ensure that your machines operate optimally. If the old system is no longer compliant, we safely dismantle it for you.


Transmitter masts

When you mention transmitter mast, you are talking about working at height near to electricity. This requires a lot of expertise and, more importantly, insight.


Other metal structures

Tinck Jan dismantles metal structures, such as HVAC systems, escalators, lifts, boilers, heating oil tanks, high-voltage cabins and transmitter masts, but also machines from production lines, silos and technical pipes in all types of companies.


What we stand for

Safe work

Tinck Jan specialises in delicate dismantling work that must be performed with the requisite care where specialist technical knowledge and permits are necessary, for example:

  • in all kinds of hazardous situations, ranging from work at great height to even work in a nuclear environment, with combustible, explosive or hazardous substances and materials
  • at locations where hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely essential
  • in situations where freedom of movement is restricted in order to prevent harm to the rest of the environment

Attention to nature

When you dismantle, you create waste. Waste disposal is also part of our job, so that risks to nature and the environment are reduced to zero, for example:

  • We comply with the statutory environmental regulations and provide all permits and certificates.
  • We dispose of waste, oil mixtures or contaminated rinsing water in the correct manner.
  • We collect our waste in containers with a view to recycling.

Quick and efficient

Tinck Jan is a small and thus transparent company, with a director who also makes a contribution.

Our horizontal organisational structure enables us to work quickly, flexibly and under time pressure. Quick turnarounds are our speciality.

Own prevention advisor

Tinck Jan has its own prevention advisor in-house. Tinck Jan knows that delays cost you a lot of money and invests in knowledge so that you can profit.

We are already aware of the specific situations and exceptional circumstances in which Tinck Jan works. By analysing the risks beforehand, we know which preventive measures, safety precautions, certificates and attestations are required. This enables extremely fast and unimpeded execution. Our prevention advisor always visits the site to discuss the dismantling work. Unforeseen situations are thus virtually eliminated. We thus show you our added value.

The safest in our sector

In the sector of dismantling work, safety is a necessity as well as a prerequisite.

Moreover, at VCA certified company Tinck Jan, safety is a priority, for our customers as well as for our own people. We also heavily invest in the training and development of our workers. Via extra courses relating to safety topics and training in new technologies and working methods, our people remain the best in their sector. You can profit from this.

Free quotation

Do you need help with dismantling work? Tinck Jan looks forward to breaking the ice when making your acquaintance.

After an on-site visit, we will be pleased to provide you with a free quotation. Request your free quotation.

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